Monitor your competitors' stores, product families in any marketplace, track prices, ratings, brands ...

Anticipate every move and let go of intuition, make decisions based on data

Select the plan that best suits what you are looking for. Without cheats, no surprises, no extras ...

Choosing the best plan that best suits your needs is very simple, follow the next steps:

1. Custom development (one-time payment)

This step is absolutely necessary since each development is fully customized by customer.
Custom development349 €
Development of the csv structure99 €
Export module development99 €

TOTAL 547 €


- Price
- Offer price
- Title
- Image (download url)

2. Tracking additional fields (one-time payment)

Select how many additional fields you need to develop your report, in addition to the 4 that the script development already includes (price, offer price, title and image).
We give you some examples of additional fields: Reference, EAN, stock, transport costs, delivery times, seller, brand, average grade of the product, number of ratings ...)

Number of additional fields

Select the number of additional fields you want to include in your report

Total: 0 €

3. Select the total number of items to track

Once we are clear about the structure of the report, select the total number of articles to analyze and the periodicity of the report: weekly, monthly or semi-annually.
This payment will be made from the second report, as long as the first report does not exceed 5000 articles, in this case only the difference would be paid.
Number of articles to be tracked and periodicity
Select the periodicity with which you want to update the report and the number of total articles to analyze (do not worry if you do not know exactly, you do not have to adjust it in detail)


For +10,000 items contact our sales team